Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary (to us!)

SEVEN big ones, folks!! Yup, 7 years ago tonight Kurt and I said "I do". Seven years and 2 wonderful little boys later, here we are =) To celebrate, we went to Galena for dinner (as we usually do) early reservations (as usual) and home to ring in the new year at midnight (if we're still awake).

Here's wishing all of our friends and family a fabulous 2009!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

One More Christmas Stop

After somewhat clearing out the tornado that comes through this house on Christmas morning, we go to my parents for more gifts and yummy lunch. Lots of cousins too, which works for ALL age groups here =)

Santa found us =)

Not that I was too worried! Paxton came downstairs first to verify and saw stuffed stockings and lots of colorful packages and came back upstairs to spread the word! Beckett got a slow start (as evidenced by the shot of him on Kurt's shoulder), but eventually he got into groove and enjoyed it as much as everyone else. The big kids got new cell phones and iPods along with other goodies, Paxton added to his version of the Island of Sodor with some new Thomas playsets and Beckett got a wooden farm set and his own LeapFrog gaming system so that he can quit laying claim to Paxtons. Kurt and I were not forgotten either, but honestly we enjoy seeing the response of the kids as they peel back paper and dig into stockings.

Grandpa did some shopping this Xmas

And THIS is what he found! Too bad you can't hear them while you're looking at these guys! The beep, buzz, whirr, and more. All while the lights flash and he spins and walks. Does he have great taste or what? All that matters is that the boys love them--AND Grandpa =)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve with Kurt's family was at his Aunt and Uncle's this year. Paxton and Beckett had the run of the place since the cousins in their age brackett ended up not being able to make it from Winona =( It was a wonderful evening with plenty of nice things under the tree. The boys got sleds, lots of nice clothes that Mommy loves (as well as the boys!) and something from Grandpa that needs it's own blog post! Until I get that one posted, here are a few pics to view...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I TRIED for some nice Xmas tree pics

I'm pretty glad that only the two little ones were home--they were hard enough to get any shots of. Paxton was wanting to play his leapfrog and every time I could convince him to look at me, Beckett snuck a peak at the game to see how Paxton was doing. Would you believe this is the cream of the crop? They were both happy to yell "smile!" while looking anywhere but at me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter in Wisconsin

In case we'd forgotten, Mother Nature reminded us Wisconsinites of what Winter is all about. Last night she dumped 10-11 inches on our heads (and previously cleaned off concrete!) Kurt treated himself to a snowblower in anticipation of the storm and he gave it a good test this morning. It's not a huge one, but it does what it's supposed to, so no complaints.

Ever the supportive wife, I stayed inside after snapping pictures and went to work making a big pot of chili! It was good too!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Letter of Acceptance!

I put it in the title in case it was too hard to read it on the piece of paper that Arielle is holding! She was accepted at UW-P for school next year and we're pretty excited for her. She entertained "going away" for school, but in the end I think she realized that you can't beat living and eating for free, not having to deal with parking and being able to keep her job without any hassles were something worth thinking about!

Congratulations, Arielle! We're very proud of you =)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Truck Inspection!

Following Santa, it's unspoken (OK, not that unspoken--Paxton always announces it) that we go downstairs and see Daddy's truck. Which always moves into checking out the other trucks. Beckett is Mr Fearless--hey, they wouldn't put all those levers on a truck if they weren't supposed to be used, right?! Paxton treads with a little more caution, but they both have an equal amount of fun!!


Friday night the little boys went to see Santa!!! Every year he arrives at the Fire Department via a bright red engine to listen to what the boys and girls of FD members would like for him to bring. This was the first year that Paxton was actually EAGER to see him. He shook his hand when he got there and gave him a high five on the way out. They waited in line kind of patiently--Paxton was so excited and Beckett was, well, Beckett. Kurt kept him under control (without the used of firearm or restraint, which you can tell he was prepared with!)

Paxton sat nicely, but Beckett wasn't into it much until he saw the lovely parting gifts piled next to Santa's elf! (Apples, oranges, peanuts and candy!)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Good Mommy Moment

Baking cookies! EVERY family makes Holiday cookies, right? Well, I confess that I have not made Xmas cookes since before Kurt and I were married (and I'm told our 7 year anniversary is this month). But I had a moment and decided that we would do cookies. Yesterday I bought what I knew I'd need, swung by my MIL's for a few cutters and today we began. Beckett was into it for about 45 seconds. Paxton lasted a little longer, but in the end it was Parker doing the rolling and cutting while I manned the oven and cooling rack. Arielle will find out when she gets home that she gets to help with frosting.

And NOW I remember what a PITB cut-out cookies are! **notice the bit of flour on Paxton's nose** =)

Trimming the tree

So the tradition here is that the weekend after Thanksgiving we put the tree up. It consists of Kurt assembling the tree (artificial all the way, baby! We did real for a few years, since Kurt wanted one, but he saw the light eventually) while I wrapped gifts. Guess which one was more interesting to watch for the boys? Kurt was thrilled.

I didn't get to hang many ornaments since it was a full-time job for me to find non-fragile ones for Beckett to hang. He said at least 40 times "Ooops! I dropped it!" Which really didn't need the announcement because on the hardwood floors, we could figure it out for ourselves. Beckett was partial to about 3 branches so as soon as he turned to come to me for another one, Kurt spread them out a bit. Paxton had a blast doing the ones he did and I don't think he dropped one!

Friday, December 5, 2008

We interrupt this blog...

to explain about the new "feature" at the top of the blog. There is now an ad that appears on the upper left corner of my blog. Every time you click on the ad (which will take you to another page, which you can "X" right back out of) it puts a few cents into an account with my name on it. Google pays me to advertise on my blog--how interesting is that?!
But that's not all! (this is the part of "those" commercials where Paxton says "but wait! you're going to get something for free!), my friends blogs whom I follow also have some ads, if you quick link to their blogs and hit the ad, they get a few cents too.
OK, don't hate me for explaining! The boys and I are going to bake cookies tomorrow so there'll be REAL blogging entries coming!

Friday, November 28, 2008

No DNA testing required

Ah yes. Fruit of OUR loins? It would seem so. Boy and doughnuts--SURELY that would be the police officer's contribution to Beckett's genetic makeup. And it's painfully obvious that his little fist clutching the dental floss has to be his Momma's influence =)


Yesterday was turkey day! Kurt, myself and the little boys spent the day at Kurt's aunt and uncles (his profession means that SOMEONE has to work on the holidays, this year it's him. My sister always hosts this holiday on my side of the family, but with the drive we'd have to eat our pumpkin pie on the road to get back in time for him to work). For Paxton and Beckett, it was a lot like any other day they got to spend sucking up to Grandpa and Grandma--just in nicer clothes!

I hope everyone who follows my blog had a wonderful day and remember all that they have to be thankful for--I know I did =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

The REAL McCoy this time

After my carppy pics of the "first" snowfall, redemption was in order. This was the scene that was waiting for us Southern Wisconsinites this morning. And so it REALLY begins...

I Sllleeeeeeppping!

Beckett will pull out this line to attempt to get out of anything--including bedtime!!! This was his shot at evading a bath (which he loves)

Monday, November 17, 2008

When the Weather Outside is Frightful...

...Beckett can turn anything into a junglegym. He's been BEGGING to "go in backyard?" for what seems like forever, but it hasn't been nice enough to let him go. So today at Grandma and Grandpa's he turned the dining room table into something to do chin ups on. Looks like he was at it for awhile--look at those red cheeks!
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