Sunday, August 30, 2009

They're going to be GREAT husbands someday!

Someday in the FAR future! On Tuesdays, the little boys stay at Grandma and Grandpa's now that my class has started and love to have dinner there. There's a usual rotation including subs, McDonald's and "pasghetti". Grandma is brave enough to let them "help" during the making of their favorite! I'm sure just out of range of the camera lens is the broom waiting to be called into battle...

Check that backswing!

Parker and I played 9 holes today and as we got to the 7th tee box, Parker said "Uh oh!" and motioned towards the trees. Yup, paparazzi lurking with camera in hand. OK, technically it was Gary (Kurt's dad), but there was a camera present, nonetheless! He is sweet enough to let us use the golf cart practically anytime we ask, so what are ya gonna do?! =)
This tee shot was not my best of the day, so I'm awfully happy that no frames were wasted on it! Parker did step up and ask Grandpa where he was for #6--I had a great tee shot on that hole!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer's last blast--probably

At the pool anyway! With school starting on Tuesday, Sunday will be the last day of swimming at the public pool. However, the forecast sounds less than promising that we'll be able to tolerate the water IF they even open the doors! So we made it up there this afternoon and the boys wanted to go again tonight--with Mom's camera along for the ride. They sure have browned up since our first trip, which seems like only about 2 weeks ago =(

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bribery Payoff

Bribery only works if you follow through, so after our foray into 1st grade we had to head over to the promised dinner. The boys just say spaghetti and ice cream and that translates into China Buffet. Paxton sat so sweetly while I took his picture. And then there's Beckett. First Paxton and Kurt had to "convince" him to look at the camera and then the entertainment portion of the night began...

First Grade Meet and Greet

Tonight at Paxton's school we had the opportunity to go in before school starts next week to find his classroom, put supplies away and meet his new teacher. He was a little hesitant at first, but Kurt bribed him with dinner of spaghetti and ice cream (we are not beneath bribery, I admit it). Once he hit the classroom though, he warmed right up and found his seat and happily unloaded his backpack. Then he explored a bit got comfortable with his surroundings. Here's hoping all goes as well on Tuesday!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glad it's not a house...

Wow, Wizard of Oz anyone? Last night I had stopped taking pictures for eBay listings, but Beckett decided it was too tempting to NOT play in that corner. When he pulled off a tag of a new item (MAJOR no-no, right eBayer's?), he got in trouble. That made him sad so he covered himself with a pillow and in about 45 seconds he was asleep. No, I didn't leave him there =)

Thursday, August 20, 2009


The finished product of that fabric pile I posted earlier this week! It's intended purpose is a diaper bag, but I think it's darling enough to carry lots of things besides diapers! I made it in mind of it being a gift--hope it's well received!

Another Parker Project

Shadow boxes from HL for $3.99, paint used for the trim in his room and golf tees. I will probably put something different in one of them, maybe golf pencils?

Wordless Wednesday....

one day late

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What will this be?

Hobby Lobby sucked me in today--not that there was any resistance on my part. I've gotten a couple of fun patterns recently that I've been wanting to buy fabric for. There was a 30% off sale for most fabrics too! McCall's patterns are $.99 so I bought one for kitchen curtains. I asked the clerk if the Simplicity patterns ever go on sale for that price and she said "yes", so I'm eyeing up a couple and will watch the flyer!
I bought these fabrics to make something fun, stay tuned to see the finished result. I also bought shadow boxes for a project in Parker's room--the paint is drying now, I may have them hung yet tonight! I was going to use my 40% off coupon on one of those, but the sweet clerk suggested that I use it on my fusible interfacing which wasn't part of the fabric sale--I never even thought of that!!
Any guesses on the fabric outcome?


This summer was such a bad one for me to carve out any time to sit down and do what I enjoy. Between class and all the other summer activities, it just didn't happen. So then my big plan was to get all creative while I was home from work post-surgery. Yah, didn't happen then either. So Sunday, I FINALLY dragged all of my stuff out (I have no designated room or even corner =( woe is me) and got to getting! I made lots (because it's a project in itself to set up, so when I do it, I do it) these are some of my favorites. AND a look at my organized chaos of during...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday Night Supper

This is another favorite that I don't need a recipe for anymore--yes, it is THAT easy. You'll need:
pork chops (I buy the thick cut ones when on sale--yes, I mealplan around the sales flyer!) I do 8
sliced fresh mushrooms
2 can golden mushroom soup
seasoned salt
Rinse and pat dry the chops--very important! I trim any fat that may be present. Lay them in a greased 9x13 pan, sprinkle with seasoned salt and pepper. Mix the 2 cans of soup and the fresh mushrooms. Place a dollop on each chop, cover with foil. Bake for 45" at 350 degrees and then another 15" without the foil. While these cook I boiled some taters to smash later because you will have a yummy gravy when you pull it out of the oven =)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quasi Camping

After the train experience, we went back to the campsite for dinner. Everyone got the treat of smoke in the face and smores, so for now, this will scratch the camping itch! Except for Parker and Cameron, who sat in the a/c playing poker...

Riding the Rails

On Friday, we went up to Baraboo (Parker had a golf tournament and my parents were camping with three of the grandsons) and from there it is a 15" trip up to the railway museum. There they restore old trains, coaches, cabooses and more. An actual depot is there for purchasing tickets in so you can take a train ride! Paxton was over the moon!!! We had a while to wait since the train was out on another run when we got there, so we peeked at cars waiting for restoration, checked out the gift shop and then read their new Thomas books purchased in said gift shop. FINALLY the train was back and ready to be boarded. The boys had a blast (well, until Beckett fell asleep) and loved it all.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Goodbye Thyroid!

The little bugger is gone--all of it! No pictures exsist of the gnarly, overactive, troublesome gland, just evidence of its exit.
We had to be at the hospital by 6am, surgery was scheduled for 8. The surgeon told Kurt that all went well (I slept through it all) and after one night of blissful hospital rest--sense the sarcasm people!--we came home yesterday afternoon. These are self-portraits, I didn't want anyone getting too much of ME in any picture! And the lovely flowers came from the sweetest bunch of ladies whom were all brought together by the internet =)
I'm taking the rest of this week off from work, next week I'll do a couple of half days and then I plan to be back at everything full swing! MANY thanks for all of the well wishes and P&PT's--they are all GREATLY appreciated!!!

School's out for Summer!!!

For real! I took an online class towards my nursing degree this summer and it was killer. Taking this one on with Graves Disease would not be classified as my smartest move ever, that's for sure. I struggled. A LOT. The instructor I had was great, she even called me from Texas on Sunday night as I was packing for surgery to tell me that I had passed so I wouldn't have THAT worry on my plate along with everything else.
Oh yeah, my final test was on the endocrine system. Not ONE question that pertained to the thyroid gland. SOOOOOO not fair. Anyway, this stack of books represents MOST of the texts I employed for this class--there were a couple of others that I pulled out, but this is the bulk of them. I'm on a 20# lifting restriction now too---good timing for the end of summer school!

Wordless Wednesday....

One crashed 3 year old! Paxton was playing trains in the same room and Beckett didn't budge...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Only 18 more to go!

Baby teeth that is! Paxton had his first tooth "pushed out" by Dr. Tim a while ago. About 3 days ago he informed me that he had a loose tooth--naturally, I tried to give one of his lower ones a wiggle and he pointed out to me like I had NEVER laid eyes on a tooth before that it was THIS one, and pushed on the one next to his exsisting space. He did a lot of wiggling and went through spurts of "I don't want to lose a tooth!" Tonight as I was packing my bag for the hospital I hear "I think my tooth just came out!" WHAT?! I think, you just showed me a couple of nights ago! I got closer, and sure enough, there was the gaping space and the telltale drop of blood. "Umm, where'd the tooth go?" is my question. He casually points to the floor and says "over there". He apparantly tongue-flipped it a few feet away. No muss, no fuss and more importantly, no trauma from my little Drama Llama!
He also informed Papa that the going rate is $2 from the tooth fairy!

PFD Family Picnic

Each year, the fire department holds a picnic for the volunteers that serve the community and their families. Since Kurt is a member, we try to make it each year (hasn't always happened though!) They have kids games, rides on a truck, a waterslide, bingo for the adults and a yummy meal. Beckett played a duck game and Paxton did ring toss (and scored on his practice shot!) and balloon pop. The guys in charge of buying prizes do a great job--very age appropriate and a high enough quality to last beyond making it out of the park. Here are some random shots of the day before the passing storms ended it for us...
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