Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rotissere Chicken in your Crockpot

YUMMY! This was tonight's supper, and it couldn't be easier to make. An on-line friend shared this recipe with me, I don't think she reads my blog, but here's a shout out to Sara! You'll need:
1 whole chicken
Olive oil
Lawry's seasoned salt
Pam non-stick cooking spray
Aluminum foil
Wash chicken inside and out. Spray bird with olive oil and sprinkle generously with the Lawry's. With the foil, make 4-5 large balls of foil OR you can wrap 4-5 potatoes with the foil. Spray the crockpot with Pam, place the foil balls on the bottom. The chicken goes in breast side down--it will lay on the foil. Lid on, cook on HIGH for 4-6 hours. It's the combination of all these factors that will make your bird come out just like the deli! After cooking is done, I whisk some water and cornstarch together and then whisk it in the drippings for some fabulous gravy for your potatoes!
Try this one =)

Forgotten Photos

I forgot that I had taken these last week during the hailstorm--the one that Beckett thought was snow coming down. Well, he was SO convinced that he got ready to go out and play in it. Major disappointment that I told him no...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

$5 and 30 minutes later:

Parker's letter for golf is ready for display! Years ago (like when I was in high school) an athletic letter went on a letterwinner's jacket. Even more years ago (like when my parents were in high school) said letter went on a sweater. Well, that's not the case anymore! So, what to do with Parker's accomplishment? A stop at Hobby Lobby found me an artists canvas (at 30% off), the black acrylic paint I had, so 30 minutes of painting, attaching the letter, and driving a nail--voila! Another piece for the newly painted room =)

Wordless Wednesday....

Mr. Potato Head gets worked over...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Home Tour Continued...

There is at least ONE great thing about putting a room each week on my blog: ONE room each week gets cleaned really well! This stop on the tour is of the den. Pretty simple room--computer in the cabinet WITH a lock (yes, most of my work happens on a PC. Not that we don't HAVE laptops, this is just comfort to me!) There is a closet that had a hideous bi-fold door on in when we bought the house, you know, the kind just perfect for pinching little fingers in. Down it came and up went curtains to match the ones at the window. There are lots of shelves in there that hold lots of toys with lots of small pieces: Mr. Potato Head, Viewmaster, Legos, etc. Along one wall is a futon--not my favorite piece of furniture ever invented, I hate the way the mattress part slips, but it works well in here for now. There's another smaller "closet" (created, I think, when a stall shower was put in the bathroom next door and they bumped it into here), but the shelves there are great for storing Momma's crafty items like yarn and such!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Goodwill Project

Parker's room re-painting is almost finished, yay! (Pictures later) I'm changing up some of the decor in there and thought I'd go with his big love--GOLF! Sooooo, this is how I hung the valances above his windows: golf clubs for the rods. A quick trip to Goodwill landed me two nice old woods and a couple of irons, all from the same set originally. Kurt twisted in the hardware needed, I threaded the fabric onto the clubs and viola! I like the way it turned out and hopefully we can go from there for inspiration. (There is still some paint touching-up going on, just visually skip over that part!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Um, that's not snow....

These are the words I said to Beckett about an hour ago as white stuff started to fall. LOTS of white stuff, as in HAIL!!! (SO glad we haven't made that car trade yet!) A nice and heavy storm came on through this afternoon--lots of wind, a torrent of rain, and what you see in the pictures. It was the size of shooter marbles and was piled pretty deep in the chairs on the deck, yay. Sounds like some trees are down in the neighborhood as well AND by the looks of it, another front is possible in the next little while =(

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My first-born's turn! Some random pictures of my only baby girl...

The Legs of Summer....

Knee to toes in bruises! These legs happen to belong to Beckett, but can probably be seen on any 3 year old boy in any neighborhood in any city! Foot slips off of pedals, bonking into the edge of the pool, clunks from a big plastic bat, a runaway cozy coupe--all seem to be magnets for his little legs. Kurt keeps saying at least it's his legs because as goofy as he is sometimes, he may have to rely on his cute looks to get him through life!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Big Bargains!!

Because I'm cheap, ya know!
Yesterday Arielle and I went to Hobby Lobby (she'll tell you I forced her to go, not entirely true.) LOVE this store, especially for photo frames, butI can probably point to something in each room and tell you it came from HL--on sale of course! Anyway, strolling down the 80% clearance aisle, we spotted these two frame art pieces of one of Arielle's loves, PURSES! They were originally $69.99 each marked down to $7 each! SCORE! They are hanging above her bed (which will make it into the "tour" one of these weeks)
Today Parker and I ran out to Walmart to get a few things and once again while strolling down the clearance aisle, I came across their marked down summer items. This clock/weather center was $45, it was now tagged at $10. I bought it with hanging it outside in mind, but I tried it on a wall of the front entryway and really liked it there =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where you Live Friday

And it's really Friday! BUT, I came in very late to the "game" and decided to catch what I missed when everyone else posted. This week you get to peek in on Paxton and Beckett's room.
They've shared ever since Beckett came along (well, once Beckett outgrew the cradle in our room). I was lucky enough to stumble upon some bedding by Eddie Bauer Home called Bedtime Bears. Every piece I've ever gotten came from ebay! Before Beckett graduated to the bunkbeds his crib was decked out in bumpers, sheet, skirt, comforter and blanket all was from the same line. The sage green walls work great with the colors in the comforters and quilts, I think it really makes the pops of red and blues stand out.
There WAS a door on the armoire, but Beckett was a little harder on it than it could take. I've got my eye out for replacement pieces though!! Above the train table (which sometimes has a nice track set up--not today though) are letters acquired from various places, I like the random look that they give! The shelves are "decorated" pretty hodge-podge at the moment, that's something I need to work on! I'm also not entirely happy with the bunkbeds in front of the window, I'm thinking that will be remedied shortly.
Thanks for looking!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where you Live Friday

Except it's Sunday. This is a weekly feature hosted by Kelly at once each week (on Fridays) a room was chosen to be showcased on participants blogs. Entryway/hallways was this weeks feature area. Unfortunately, this is the final week (I'm late to the party again!) So this is what greets you as you look around the front hall of our home, but we RARELY use this enterance!
The table you see is a pretty new addition to the space. Previously I had a 3 shelf bookcase there that collected too much dust on it's too many knick-knacks (my major decluttering mode is really in full force). The 2 lamps that are on top came from Walmart--$5 for the PAIR! I'm not sure what will go into the iron bowl besides the candle, I have grapevine and seed balls in other areas of the house, so something original would be nice! I'm in search of wall art to go above this. In one corner are my stacked boxes from the Lang Company. I've had them for quite a while, in fact they've been tucked away and I just recently pulled them out again. I'm thinking about a small shelf for below the picture there. Heading up the steps is the family photo gallery--LOTS of photos get taken in our home! A simple mirror with candle sconces hang behind the front door. I've got one eye out for a cute rug for this area, it's not a high traffic area, BUT there are some boys here that like to race at breakneck speed coming down the steps and I'd like to avoid a wipeout!
That's pretty much the tour! PLEASE leave any comments you've got--I'd love to hear what you creative ladies might have in mind for my lacking areas =)

Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial

Platteville was fortunate enough to be the host of this touring monument. It is an exact half scale replica of the wall that is in Washington DC that displays the name of every man and woman who gave their life while serving during the Vietnam War. My father and Kurt's father were both enlisted in the military during this conflict, thankfully their names are absent from the granite slabs. Friends and family left flowers, old newpaper clippings from so many years ago, we even saw a pair of combat boots lined up neatly below a loved one's name. Lots of rubbings of the names took place as well.
Kurt and I walked over with the boys earlier in the week and today was the parade to mark the end of the wall's time here before it is packed back up and travels to the next city. It's a sight that everyone should try and see if you learn that it is in a city near you.

We're Pet Owners!

If you consider fish as pets =) Earlier this week I was de-cluttering the linen closet (it looks FAB, btw) and came across the little aquarium that Arielle used to have in her room. I set it up for the little boys and told them that if they PROMISED not to touch it, I'd get some fish for it. They've kept their end of the deal up, so 4 little swimmers now call it home. Once they make it 90 days I can throw away the receipt that serves as their guarantee...


That's it. Just some random shots of Beckett from the past few days. I plan to get the other kids too--he's just the easist target at the moment.

Momma and Boys

Warning!! A rare event happens with this post! I actually willingly let Kurt take a couple of photos of me AND I'm even putting them on the blog. I know, big news! As you can see, one subject was slightly more cooperative than the other--and I don't even mean me! Also, you'll see one of Paxton and Beckett together. Beckett was already sitting and I asked Paxton to sit by him. He does--about 9 feet away. Um, can you get closer? Small scootch. Closer? Small scootch. Paxton, move so you're touching him. Done. (good thing Mom's got a fast shutter finger...)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Opinions Please!!

I'm trying a couple of new things decortating-wise in the house. This assortment of "T's" is above Kurt's dresser in our bedroom. I want to add a couple more in to fill it out a bit--with the cathedral ceiling I think it can definately handle it. I'm interested in anyone's thoughts about what it looks like so far!
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