Thursday, June 25, 2009

Graves' Disease Sucks...

But I couldn't find an image that I could use saying this. Last week I received the news from an endocrinologist that I have Graves' Disease. I've been having some thyroid issues for a little while now, and after a marked change in my labs within a few weeks time, my MD said it was time to move on to an endocrinologist. After a couple of tests that I had done before even seeing her, she was able to confirm that Graves' was the culprit.

My options are to take a medication that has potentially serious side effects for an extended period of time (ie: possible forever), try to destroy the thyroid with radiation (which will cause a different type of thyroid hormone problem, but easily fixable with a different pill. It would also mean being separated from Paxton and Beckett for several days) or just have the little bugger removed. Again, the second type of pill would be needed for the rest of my life, but removal of this gland is the only way to deal with the damage that the endo fears has been done to my eyes. Needless to say, I have a surgical consult next week to see about parting ways with my destructive thyroid gland.

I'm actually considering myself pretty lucky because far too many people suffer with this disorder for YEARS before they get a definitive diagnosis. THIS website can tell you a little more about Graves'.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Educational Opportunity?

Or plain ol' mess? Beckett is taking hot wheels out of a big rubbermaid container. He COULD be getting ready to count them, or separate them by color or body style, or make patterns or form one huge traffic jam. OR, he COULD be taking them out just to take them out and make a giant pile o' cars AKA huge mess.

Sigh, all those that know Beckett in person or just by virtue of reading my blog know that it's the latter...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A New Park!

Well, to ME, anyhow. Paxton recongnized it right away! For our first picnic of the season, we drove to Eagle Point Park in Dubuque. It is a gorgeous, beautifully maintained piece of property well worth the $1 it costs to enter (for a carload). There are pavillions, multiple playgrounds, CLEAN restrooms, about a thousand picnic tables, a goldfish pond and more. The more is mostly made up of incredible views of the Mississippi, including Lock and Dam #11. We didn't see it in operation (HERE) is a link of the Lock and Dam, complete with a picture taken from this park. The pictures in this post are as much about the park as the boys--one of which (Paxton) didn't want me shooting him. Enjoy.

Another Golfer in the Family

Paxton got new clubs this weekend, complete with kick out stand and nice shoulder straps for carrying. He had a blast getting it all organized with balls in one pocket, tees in another and a perfect spot for his glove. Then he was all ready to crush a few. Well, we've got some work to do on his grip, but we'll take it all in baby steps!

Beckett got clubs too, but we are not quite at the "pictures for the blog" stage yet...

First Pool Trip of the Year!

The pool opened for full-time hours on Friday, and luckily it was nice enough this weekend for us to make a couple of trips up there. They've installed a new kiddie splash/activity table area in one corner of the shallow end, and we can tell already that Beckett will be camped out there for the bulk of the summer. Paxton headed right for his favorite corner to do his jumping in--you could really see how much he's grown since the end of pool season last summer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

And the Party!!!!!

After receiving the SIGNED diploma and some pictures at school, it was time for the party!!! I woke up to thunder and when I went to bed there was thunder AND lightening, but in between those times is when the weather cooperated--thank fortune!!!

We did a taco bar with complimentary sides and the obligatory cake, and all seemed to be a hit. Arielle had a nice turnout for her gathering and it was GREAT to see so many faces that it had been too long in seeing. A family friend asked if I felt old because my first baby had graduated and my response was "heck no! I've got a 3 year old running around here somewhere!"

One down, 3 to go...

Class of 2009--The Ceremony

Yup, it's official! Arielle has graduated =) The class of PHS 2009 has been turned loose on the world (look out)! We started out in our "assigned" seats on the floor and decided while waiting for things to start that we'd get better pictures up in the upper bleachers, so up we went! Gary was kind enough to lend me his nice studio camera and with a lesson or two, I was good to go! Here's some photos of my baby girl, all grown up. Love ya, Arielle!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

it's off to work he goes. Parker begins his summer job at the pool today. Although it's currently only 54 degrees, so I have serious doubts that he'll be there very long!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Final PHS Golf Post for 2009!

Today at Yahara Hills Golf Course in Madison, the PHS team ended their season. Last week they WON their Regional event over 11 other teams and continued on to Sectionals today. As a team, they couldn't quite make it into the top 2, but they did send an individual on with Josh. These are some random shots taken today, with a sometimes less than willing photo subject. He spent a lot of time teasing me with turned head, occasionally sneaking a look at me to see if I could catch him. On the very last picture of the day, walking back to the team van, I did.

Yup, he loves me...

I've hated the bushes in the front of the house for a LONG time. I was just going to get them trimmed up in preparation for Arielle's graduation. Well, as I started trimming, it became clear that the stinkin' things were D E D underneath and I convinced Kurt to whack the darn things off down low. This is him doing as I asked, even though I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts to tackle such a project right now...

Freshman Letterwinner!

Parker earned more than enough points in golf this Spring to earn his varsity letter as a Freshman =) They had an informal gathering last week to hand out such awards and enjoy a little cake and ice cream. The coach said a few words about each of the players and his blurb on Parker went something like this: "When Parker came out for golf, I didn't know anything about his abilities--I'd never seen him play, so to begin with he was placed in the novice group. Well, it became clear to me after only a couple of days that Parker did NOT belong in the novice group and then I learned that he practically lived at the golf course in Lancaster and that's why I had never seen him play before. Parker became our number 6 man pretty quickly and then progressed to take over the 5 man spot" Awfully nice words for a parent to hear...
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