Thursday, April 30, 2009

A 48 round

Parker had a golf meet today--shot a 48 for the 9 holes, which was the best JV score for Platteville, so he earned another point towards his varsity letter--just one more and he'll letter as a freshman!! Right now he's the #6 guy for varsity and the #1 guy for JV, which means when they go to a varsity only match, he gets to go as well--pretty cool since they have a trip to Kohler in a couple of weeks. There was a PGA event there a couple of years ago, but we've not figured out yet if they are playing on THAT course!!! Here's some shots of today...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just Beckett. Being Beckett.

Friday it was SOOOOO nice outside (til it started storming at night and has yet to end...) Beckett and I went out to burn off some energy. Kurt hasn't got all of the outdoor toys up from the basement yet, but Beckett still found plenty to do. He was insistant on wearing his fire helmet out, but he realized pretty quickly that it interferred with his hoop skills, so it was lovingly placed on my head. Want to see the pictures? Aw, sorry--none exsist! Ah the power I have over my own blog!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kurt!!!

His last year of decade 3 starts today! It was a pretty low-key "celebration", a few gifts: a travel coffee mug with the UWP logo, a UWP T-shirt and as a surprise, THIS which I wasn't sure about, but he loved it =) As long as he doesn't go pointing it in my direction, we'll be fine! Dinner was his choice at Fiesta Cancun where the burrito was as big as Beckett's leg and home for a little cake.

Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

Scholarship Material?

B-ball is Paxton's latest "love" (not to replace Thomas the Tank Engine, but this is an OUTSIDE love). If the weather is at all condusive to outside play, Paxton is out there at the hoop with orange orb in hand. His jump shot is a little weak, but by gosh he's working on it!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Enjoying the Spoils...

And once every egg was found (we think--Kurt could be in for a surprise come mowing season, thus the reason no REAL eggs were used), it was time to empty them all! Lots of chocolate, many jelly beans and some gum (sorry Grandma) made it into everyone's pails--most likely to be tossed out by fed-up Mother's in the coming weeks...

And the Hunt is on!

For Easter eggs of course! After a YUMMY dinner, Bryce, Jackson, Paxton and Beckett raced outside to hunt for the MANY stuffed plastic eggs hidden all over the yard (OK, Beckett was off to a slow start since he wasn't fully awake from his nap so Kurt started out for him, but he soon realized what was happening and got into the game). Since a lack of greenery this time of year in WI makes for very little hiding places, they made pretty quick work of gathering them up. Not that they'll EVER eat all that they found, but it was fun collecting them!

Easter! Take one...

Ah, the finding of the Easter baskets. Parker was frustrated and thought that the little boys baskets were hidden much easier than his (ya think?!) He also thought that Arielle should drag her bones out of bed and find her basket as well. The picture attests to what she thought of that idea. Everyone has dug in and seems to enjoy what Ol' EB brought although Paxton has already opened his kite and according to Parker, wrecked it beyond any hope of flying, Beckett has poked just about everyone in the eye with his pinwheel (except Arielle, who went back to bed) and Parker keeps offering me my favorite Reeses peanut butter eggs--from everyone else's basket.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It wouldn't be Easter without eggs...

So of course we had to color some! Paxton watched Charlie Brown's Easter a couple of days ago, you know, the one where Marcy tries to cook the eggs first in the toaster and then the waffle iron? He thought it'd be hilarious to do the same thing here, so I boiled them while he was at school! Would you believe that after the initial excitement of the process wore off, Kurt had to finish up? I thought you might...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dental Appointment...

This was our best trip EVER to the dentist. Once we assured Paxton that he was not going to have any teeth "pushed out", he was actually looking forward to the appointment!! The boys shared a chair while Chris and Ann played the videos and brushed teeth and they were even cooperative when Dr Pete came in to count everything. Paxton does need a little filling done, but the attempt to do it today didn't turn out so well. BUT, up until then it was a great visit!!
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