Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sign of Creativity?

It must be--I always stuck my tongue out when working on something big (usually a masterpiece in a coloring book). And Beckett works on big things a LOT!

See What I Learned in School?

For Christmas, one of the little boys favorite gifts were dry eraser marker boards and an assortment of markers (I'll save you the trouble of asking to see Beckett's creations--he mostly likes to marker on the bottoms of his feet--insert eyeroll here). Paxton however, loves to write the things they do in school. Days of the week, who the leader is, lunch--it doesn't matter. It's cute to listen to him read it back because at the end of every sentence is a "pyramid"

Missing Kurt =(

Over a week without an update--my apologies! Especially YOU, Monique =) I have a pretty good reason though. Kurt is gone to New Mexico doing some training for tactical team, he'll be home super soon, but in the meantime I've been (sortof) solo parenting. IF you can call it that because his parents help out SO much. They've got school drop off and pick up covered (with explicit instructions from Paxton) and on Tuesdays and Thursdays they bum supper!

This is not the best picture of him--really sad because we all know he was raised better--but it's fairly recent and it doesn't matter, they're all acceptable when they're of my hubby!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Straight from Oprah's Bookclub...

Well, maybe for an upcoming show. This IS a work of fiction, so we want to be upfront with Oprah about that fact. In actuality, it's just Parker being a wonderful big brother and helping Paxton read his latest selection from his school's library.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't try this at Home!!!

OK, don't try this at home if you live in Wisconsin. OK, and don't try this at home if you live in Wisconsin and you're outdoors. Actually, no warning is necessary, because it is impossible to do what Beckett is doing outside here right now. Yes, bubble-blowing. It is SO cold here right now, that IF you attempted to blow bubbles outside (if you could even be successful because the bubble-soap gets so thick that it's like honey) and bubbles you made would freeze like glass and SHATTER! Who knew? (I saw this on the Discovery Channel)

ALSO, did you know that it is SO cold here right now that if you were to toss BOILING water into the air, each little drop would turn into a frozen piece of ice before it can hit the ground.

It's been -20 (and then some) below on the last two mornings when I've gotten up. Have I mentioned that it's cold here? So to all my warm-weather friends who follow the blog--take your little one outside and blow some bubbles! Just think of Beckett as you enjoy...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Recent Work

Before school starts up for me again, I wanted to do some creating so I'd be ready to go for some upcoming occasions. These are a few of my favorites--be on the lookout, one of these could appear in a mailbox near you!!

Got S'mores?

We had them last night anyway! Not quite made around the campfire though. Kurt built a fire in the fireplace (that feature was HUGE to Kurt when we bought this house, but we hardly ever use it =( and I laid out the fixin's for s'mores and pie irons and Kurt and Parker toasted the goods. My job was assembly of the toasted "mushrooms" (according to Paxton), hershey bar and graham crackers. The boys were bouncing off of the walls waiting for the finished product and then took about one bite each.

Beckett was channeling Momma with the camera: Fisher-Price v. Canon. The winners pictures made the blog.

Parker approved of dessert.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pizza Night

Every once in a while I make homemade pizza for dinner (well, I buy pre-made crusts usually, but the point is, it's not frozen or delivered to the door after a phone call is made!) and tonight I had help. They were actually pretty good help too--except for the part when they wanted to lift up their creations for a good picture. It's in the oven and we'll be enjoying it soon. The pictures will last forever...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Aptly Appropriate Attire...

Kurt dressed Beckett this morning--what a perfect shirt he chose! Besides the fact that every other television station is airing some sort of college bowl game, it is ugly-cold outside, the wind has been blowing all day and now it is sleeting out and making the roads slick. I hate Winter. At least it's staying light longer--I can usually make it home from work b/4 the darkness really settles in =)

Drumroll please....

Finally, the website for the office is up and running!!! For the friends and family who are local, you can see where I work now =) More importantly, the contact information is there so you can make an appointment (do it around lunch--I'm always up for a lunchdate!!)

Tired Boys

It's rough being 5 1/2 and 3 years old. All that tearing around inside because you're housebound thanks to Wisconsin weather makes a short person all pooped out. They're kind of cute when they're sleeping (not any moreso, no matter what Kurt will tell you!). My only complaint is that they've dragged their pillows and blankets from THEIR beds to bring them to OUR bed for a nap. That means it's going to be hard for Momma to squeeze in a nap there =(
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