Friday, January 16, 2009

Don't try this at Home!!!

OK, don't try this at home if you live in Wisconsin. OK, and don't try this at home if you live in Wisconsin and you're outdoors. Actually, no warning is necessary, because it is impossible to do what Beckett is doing outside here right now. Yes, bubble-blowing. It is SO cold here right now, that IF you attempted to blow bubbles outside (if you could even be successful because the bubble-soap gets so thick that it's like honey) and bubbles you made would freeze like glass and SHATTER! Who knew? (I saw this on the Discovery Channel)

ALSO, did you know that it is SO cold here right now that if you were to toss BOILING water into the air, each little drop would turn into a frozen piece of ice before it can hit the ground.

It's been -20 (and then some) below on the last two mornings when I've gotten up. Have I mentioned that it's cold here? So to all my warm-weather friends who follow the blog--take your little one outside and blow some bubbles! Just think of Beckett as you enjoy...


Surferwife23 said...

OHMYGOSH! That is freaking cold, though your fun facts are intriguing!

I will have Haley blow bubbles tomorrow for her pal Beckett!

Cheap & Cheerful said...

Wow, it's more than a bit nippy there, huh?!
I hope the weather gets better soon.

Dasha said...

Ugh, I hear you! It's been so hold here as well! Luckily, not quite as cold as in WI - the lowest with wind chill was, I believe, -25F. It is finally above 0F today and should climb into low 20's. Who knew I would ever be happy that it was in the 20's?? :) Hope it warms up for you soon, too!

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