Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter! Take one...

Ah, the finding of the Easter baskets. Parker was frustrated and thought that the little boys baskets were hidden much easier than his (ya think?!) He also thought that Arielle should drag her bones out of bed and find her basket as well. The picture attests to what she thought of that idea. Everyone has dug in and seems to enjoy what Ol' EB brought although Paxton has already opened his kite and according to Parker, wrecked it beyond any hope of flying, Beckett has poked just about everyone in the eye with his pinwheel (except Arielle, who went back to bed) and Parker keeps offering me my favorite Reeses peanut butter eggs--from everyone else's basket.

1 comment:

Gemma said...

Lol, well it looks like fun! I love that you guys make a real celebration of Easter, it's far more low key here! I think my kids would love the whole Easter basket thing!

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