Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Christmas 2012

As always, we had a wonderful Christmas here at Casa Tuescher. We always do Xmas eve at Kurt's parents and have yummy appetizers and open gifts. I think we managed to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with Nooks =) Kurt and I both worked on Xmas eve, but he got home before me, pulled everything out and sorted so it was not much work for me when I got home. The little boys got Kindles and lots of legos, Parker got lots of golf items and Arielle was happy with Uggs, a Coach purse and her Pandora bracelet. Then its off to my parents for more food and gifts!! Santa did not forget Kurt and I, he got many things off of his wish list and I added 4 charms to my Pandora bracelet and got a piece of luggage that I wanted----which really will benefit Kurt, its smaller so he won't hurt himself lifting it when I go on girl's weekends, LOL Photobucket

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