Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Job Done

WHEW! My Mom and I spent over 3 hours working on the rock wall area of the backyard today. We took out FOURTEEN big bags of old mulch, weeds and about a million vines. Some new plantings were added and now it looks GREAT (upcoming graduation party and all) Please ignore the yellow hose snaking across the foreground--those freshly planted beauties needes a drink!


Dasha said...

Wow, you are quite a gardner!! I am just now getting into it, and I hope one day to have something this thought out!! LOL I have a lot of respect for the beautifully planned flower beds w/rocks and all of the "extras"! My flower beds are rather ammaturish in comparison, but I am trying! :)
Great job, Colleen!!

Colleen said...

Well, the rock wall thing was there when we bought the house, but it needed quite a bit of attention!

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