Thursday, May 21, 2009

Golf: The TEAM Sport

So, to date, any blogging I've done about golf has been limited to Parker as his own entity. BUT, he's just one man of a 5-6 man team, so today's pictures are of those other guys (along with Parker) who make up the PHS TEAM. It was the conference meet today, so Mom was dutifully following along snapping pictures of the boy. But after all the players were in, it turned out that there was a tie to decide who the individual medalist would be. The top 2 had to do playoff holes to decide. Josh from PHS took on a player from a rival school and 95% of ALL of the kids there followed along to see how it would play out. The shot of the 6 PHS guys is of them returning from that shoot-out and as I watched them coming up the fairway, it really drove home the fact that golf IS a team sport and I'm glad I fired off a few good frames to illustrate the point.

The more "posed" group photos took place after all was said and done. Even 15-18 year olds have a hard time getting it together!

As a PS, I edited, printed and made a framed grouping of these 3 shots for each of the boys and the coaches. See Parker, it IS alright that I show up with my camera...

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