Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buffalo Phils

So, turns out, these kids still want to eat even though we're not at home!!! I always pack a cooler and a big canvas bag of munchies and sammie fixings, but we usually do venture out of the hotel for one meal a day, last night it was supper.
My sister and her family live very close to the Dells, and USUALLY one of my nephews come up to spend some time at the water park so Parker gets to do some rides without a squealing girl sitting across from him, HA! Turns out, he's grown accustomed to eating as well. Kurt had a dinner meeting so it was up to me to take 5 of them out--we chose Buffalo Phil's (not to be confused with Buffalo BILLS, which may cause some sore of copyright infringement issues). They have a room where a model train will "deliver" your meal, but wait-time was over an hour and seeing as we couldn't get good WIFI connections, keeping the boys entertained on iTouches was not going to happen, hence "regular" seating for us =)
Regardless, kids meals come with "buffalo horns" and the 4 boys at the table happily wore them, even is posing for a pic was NOT done happily...


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