Friday, November 4, 2011

What I'm Reading....

Several months ago, I came across a blog (shocker, right?) about an anonymous teacher who was eating the school lunches being served to the students in her school and was blogging about it. Mostly how NASTY it is/was. Fillers, over-processed junk, stuff that has sat on shelves for Lord only knows how long. I'm not a fan of school lunches: They are disgusting and I don't like that my kids like them. Well, to a point. Parker is not a fan, but it's not cool to be 17 and bringing a lunch from home---go figure.
Anyhoo, "Mrs. Q" was approached by a publisher and her wonderful blog and all her research and thoughts associated with it has been turned into a book. Which I had to have. And now do.
Fed Up With Lunch. By Sarah Wu. I highly recommend it. Just saying....


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