Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mommy/Little Boy Movie Time

Last week before the boys started school again after Xmas break (Arielle still has weeks off) I took the little boys to see The Adventures of Tintin. I didn't realize until later that this is Steven Spielberg's first animated film. I thought it was very good, but probably was a bit old for Beckett. Paxton enjoyed it a lot and watched intently, but Beckett was asking for my itouch about 2/3 of the way through it. Since there were only 3 others in the theater and they were sitting way ahead of us, I did let him have it to entertain himself with (since my $38 expenditure was failing, HA!)
That's 2 kid's movies I've seen in a row now and I am ready for something geared towards older movie-goers!! My Week with Marilyn and Tinker Tailor Soilder Spy are on my list =)


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Silvy Kehrli said...

that is so fun that you have a parker and paxton! great names :). have a great week!!

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