Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Start?

To keep me accountable, I feel like I need to do my annual "resolutions" post =) I did pretty well last year--there were some goals met and very good attempts made towards others, HA!!
So, for 2012:
**USE that nursing degree/license I worked so hard to get!!! Lots of inner turmoil here, but it's time to get my heiney moving on this one.
**Keep decluttering. You wouldn't believe what's been taken out of the attic recently! Well, Parker would! He "gets" to make trips to the Thrift Store as I fill boxes up. Plenty of eBay listing going on too--might as well make some bucks where I can as I go along!! My "mantra" is: "if we moved next week, do I REALLY want to take _______ with me?" If I don't love it enough to move it, why am I storing it?
**Get a card sent out for appropriate occasions. I have to admit, I don't think I sent a single card out last year. Pretty sad considering I really do enjoy making them =(
**I need to get back on the meal-planning bandwagon. What a difference it makes. Really. Truly.
**And last but not least, I HAVE to figure out what the problem is that photos aren't uploading easily to my blog!!! I have not abandoned "TueschYouWereHere", honest. We still do fun, interesting things, as well as "everyday" things that I've been known to blog about, but by golly, they're more interesting with photos to go along with the tale!!! I AM going to get it worked out, I promise!


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