Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Baby is SEVEN

Beckett is seven years old already =( I honestly don't know where SEVEN years have gone. He is the funniest little guy and makes us laugh a million times a day (making Paxton mad several times a day is also on his agenda). He's our little performer and while Paxton loves to watch train videos on youtube, this kid is playing music videos of every genre, but usually with a heavy dose of Chippettes--at least until I tell him I can't take it anymore. His birthday was probably the lowest-keyed ones we've ever had a Casa de Tuescher. I've scaled back immensely from the Sunday afternoon munchie fests and have just been having Grandparents over for dinner, cake and ice cream. Beckett was going to wait until the weekend to do his, but on Tuesday night he announced he wanted it ON his birthday. OK, can't fault him for that, but his meal choice was frozen waffles!!! I just couldn't do THAT to family! So it was some veggies, fruit and cheese and crackers to go with cake (of which there was a CRAPPY selection, but he picked what he wanted and was happy, so Momma has to be happy too) His main request for a gift was a sno-cone maker. I was sweating it, but the USPS came through and it arrived on our doorstep while he was at school =) He also got an Innotab 2, some legos, clothes, some CD's, a microphone, DS game and a Spongebob DVD. He was thrilled with everything =) Photobucket

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