Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Unitvited Guest...

Well, our long-awaited girls weekend at the beach for five has turned into a weather event for 6. Hurricane Sandy is indeed at the beach with us =( Our beach (North Cordova) has not been evacuated (not that we'd have to leave anyway as we are considered "owners" not "renters") so we are staying put! That means that we aren't able to do many of the things we'd planned to do, like hit the little shops and do lunch in town (Duck or Nags Head), but we all brought our Nooks/Kindles, we have laptops, lots of movies, food and oh yes, maybe a bit of liquid refreshments! We did venture down to the beach on Thursday night when we got here, but it was a little too dark to get good pictures =( We came across 2 fishermen who were happy to take our pictures of the 5 of us, but mine didn't take and Brigettes are very blurry, so we have none of the 5 of us =( Photobucket

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