Monday, June 8, 2009

And the Party!!!!!

After receiving the SIGNED diploma and some pictures at school, it was time for the party!!! I woke up to thunder and when I went to bed there was thunder AND lightening, but in between those times is when the weather cooperated--thank fortune!!!

We did a taco bar with complimentary sides and the obligatory cake, and all seemed to be a hit. Arielle had a nice turnout for her gathering and it was GREAT to see so many faces that it had been too long in seeing. A family friend asked if I felt old because my first baby had graduated and my response was "heck no! I've got a 3 year old running around here somewhere!"

One down, 3 to go...


Gemma said...

Aww WTG Arielle! Looks like it was a great day, you must be so proud :)

Sonya said...

looks like a fun party! Congrats Arielle!

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