Monday, June 1, 2009

Freshman Letterwinner!

Parker earned more than enough points in golf this Spring to earn his varsity letter as a Freshman =) They had an informal gathering last week to hand out such awards and enjoy a little cake and ice cream. The coach said a few words about each of the players and his blurb on Parker went something like this: "When Parker came out for golf, I didn't know anything about his abilities--I'd never seen him play, so to begin with he was placed in the novice group. Well, it became clear to me after only a couple of days that Parker did NOT belong in the novice group and then I learned that he practically lived at the golf course in Lancaster and that's why I had never seen him play before. Parker became our number 6 man pretty quickly and then progressed to take over the 5 man spot" Awfully nice words for a parent to hear...

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