Sunday, June 14, 2009

A New Park!

Well, to ME, anyhow. Paxton recongnized it right away! For our first picnic of the season, we drove to Eagle Point Park in Dubuque. It is a gorgeous, beautifully maintained piece of property well worth the $1 it costs to enter (for a carload). There are pavillions, multiple playgrounds, CLEAN restrooms, about a thousand picnic tables, a goldfish pond and more. The more is mostly made up of incredible views of the Mississippi, including Lock and Dam #11. We didn't see it in operation (HERE) is a link of the Lock and Dam, complete with a picture taken from this park. The pictures in this post are as much about the park as the boys--one of which (Paxton) didn't want me shooting him. Enjoy.

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Gemma said...

That looks great, wish I was a bit closer!!

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