Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pre-school Halloween Party

Our city's rec department has some Saturday workshops geared just for the pre-school age and today's was, of course, a Halloween party. Now usually all of my posts are about what ANGELS my children are (HA!), but this one would be a total LIE if I put that spin on it. Beckett wore his pirate costume (unwillingly, at first), but that was the last cooperative thing he did. Coloring a picture was tolerable, but sitting nicely for a story or standing in line to play a game was beyond him today. I finally put the kabosh on the festivities for him about 30 minutes into it. That explains why you only get to see 2 (questionably) crappy pictures of him at his event.
They have other Saturday fun days scheduled, but I'm not sure we'll even attempt another one at this point =(

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