Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat on campus

Every year, one of the residence halls on campus does a trick or treat/Halloween party event for the local children. We got there a few minutes early, which gave Beckett ample time to attempt to knock as many leaves of off an innocent bush while we waited in line.
Once inside the dorm, they have simple games in the lower level to keep the kids occupied while they wait to be led in smaller groups through the halls that are decorated in different themes and collect a smattering of candy. It was a much smaller scaled event than previous years, and I'm not sure we'll return next year, but the boys said they enjoyed it so that makes it worthwhile.
Getting them to look at me was next to impossible, so you'll have to take in the view from behind--like Parker and I did! They plan to go to Grandma's on Saturday night and "throw candy at the kids who knock on the door". Apparently he is combining parade-like activities with trick or treating....

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Melissa said...

Fun! My dorm in college used to do that. Brings back memories!

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