Monday, November 30, 2009

Decorating the tree

On Sunday, the little boys and I thoughtfully (no, really!) left Kurt alone so he could get the tree together and put the lights on it. Why not buy a pre-lit tree, you ask? Well, we DO own a pre-lit tree. They are good for about 2 years, then it's back to stringing, Peeps. Then Kurt to thoughtfully (not really) left for work and the boys and I were left to get the ornaments in place. Conversation went a lot like this:

Beckett: Ooops! I dropped it! We have hardwood floors, no announcement needed, Son.

Paxton: Where's one with my name on it? Why do Arielle and Parker have so many? Age, Son--they are much older than you.

Parker: Guys! You can put ornaments on more than one branch! Beckett worked one area the way someone involved in an illicit form of activity for income works. HA!

But it's done, it looks beautiful, and we can't wait for Santa to work his magic underneath the branches!!

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