Friday, November 13, 2009

My Husband ROCKS!!!

I a very few short days, I will "celebrate" another birthday. I use that term loosely, I am of the age that the phrase "just another day" applies. On Wednesday, I had to be in Madison bright and early in order to take my NCLEX-PN (nursing boards for my LPN license) after which I planned to spend a very productive day shopping for Xmas gifts. Which I did.

As it turns out, Kurt was a very busy shopper himself while I was away. After I got home, enjoyed supper (brats on the grill!) and was relaxing with Kurt and telling him about the great luck I had in the stores, a pair of LARGE gift bags caught my eye. I opened the card, and read the birthday greetings inside. Hmmm, it's NOT quite my birthday yet, but Kurt told me to continue on. So I did.

And inside of those bags was a new laptop computer for me!!!! Along with a cooling pad, anti-virus software and a HP backpack for storing everything--which is PERFECT for school!!! I will be able to say that THIS year was a birthday that I enjoyed VERY much =)

Thank you, Honey--you ROCK!!!

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