Monday, November 23, 2009

What I did in school today

So every Tuesday night I have my advanced nursing skills class. We've learned how to start IV's, give medications through those IV's, care for central lines, interpret ECG rhythms and lots more. Tomorrow night is our accumulative practical exam where we will perform two of those skills WITHOUT any errors (or you fail the entire class, regardless of how you've done up to this point!) Needless to say, I am about as nervous as I've been throughout the entire nursing program so far!!! Today I went to school for a couple of hours and was just beginning to pull some supplies to start an IV on the practice arm and in walks my instructor.
Colleen: Oh! Going to start an IV?
Me: Planning on doing lots!
C: Wanna do one on me?
Colleen presented her arms for me to view and I commented that the veins seemed kind of small. She said, "yup, and kind of deep. But you can do it!"
Such confidence! I gathered my supplies while someone (who I will hunt down later and drop-kick) turned the heat in the classroom up to 170 degrees. Long story short, I did get a flash of blood in my cannula, so yay!! AND, she told me my technique was excellent =)
Wish me LOTS of luck tomorrow night when Colleen and I meet again where it really counts!!

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Melissa said...


I'm so glad there are people who can do that without passing out!! Well done, you!

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