Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beckett gets a library card!

Part of being in 3rd grade for Paxton means that there is reading. Like every night reading. Which he is not as thrilled about as one might think. So we've made him a deal that he can pick some of HIS choices to read from the library and that means he'll not complain when he has to read the assigned books. To make it more appealing, we went to the public library today to make train book selections. Beckett of course went along and had the courage to ask the librarian how old you had to be to get a library card. She told him there was no age limit!! Talk about happy little boy =)
So we filled out the application (I read him the questions, he answered and I wrote them down--he knew most of them!) The librarian got it all entered and handed him his card to sign. He only wanted to sign his first name though!! He was also tired of the Mamarazzi by the time we were leaving, HA! His sweet face scored him a free keychain too!


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