Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dairy Days 2011

Time to have my "Mommy of the Year" medal inscribed and sent my way. The annual Dairy Days celebration rolled into town this weekend. Or, as the boys so excitedly shared with me, "the carnival is here"!!! Fairs/carnivals SKEEVE. me. out. *shudder* No need to creep you out with it here!
BUT, the boys love the whole "ride til you puke" thing. And I mean that quite literally. We bought the $20 per kid bracelet that means you can ride anything non-stop for 4 straight hours. And we came darn close. At the end they chose to ride this thing that pretty much just spun around and then tipped as it spun. We didn't think it looked like they were enjoying it nearly as much as some of the other rides, but when they got off they said they wanted to do it again. So we let them, but voted among our parental selves that trip #2 was it for that ride and we were moving on when it stopped.
Well, as they staggered off, Beckett towards Kurt and Paxton towards me, I noticed evidence of the reappearence of his last oral intake (that's RN talk for breakfast), and he confirmed my suspicions. We fell 20 minutes short of the 4 hour window with both boys agreeing that they were ready to call it a day =)


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