Monday, September 5, 2011

The Dells, Ducks and a Drive-in

Yesterday, Kurt FINALLY had a weekend off (his first 3-day weekend since APRIL, no that is not a typo) so we decided to DO something. I suggested a picnic and a drive-in movie, so that meant heading south to Iowa or north to the Dells. We opted for the Dells based on the movie, HA!
A picnic was packed and we got subs when we hit the Dells. Kurt took us to a park that he played at as a youngster (the equipment has been updated!) and the boys burned off some energy--until the sprinkling started. We decided it was a good day to ride the "Original Wisconsin Ducks". It had been several years since Kurt or I had been on them and the boys never had, and they told us several times that "this was a great idea!" Beckett did decide the water (in the Wisconsin River) was disgusting.
We hit the park again after our ride until it was dark enough to head out to the drive-in. It was actually a double feature of the Smurfs and Zookeeper, but we only stayed for the first show--it was after midnight by the time we got home as it was!
If you ask the boys, they'll tell you "it was a great day" =)


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