Friday, November 2, 2012

Our OBX Digs

Well, our time in the OBX is over, we're all back home after Hurricane Sandy and have lived to tell the tale. We all got lucky too, because with the way the storm tracked and the havoc that happened in the direction we all needed to go, it could have been a very different story!! We pushed back our departure by one day and had a wonderful day for driving back up the coast. These are just some pictures of the house we were "holed" up in for 6 days. We had wanted to spend some more time at the beach and walk through a nature preserve area, but the weather of course thwarted that plan. BUT, it was heavenly to just be able to lounge around in jammies, read our Nooks/Kindles, NAP, sip wine, watch movies, NAP and play games with no noses to wipe, snacks to make or fights to break up =) The outside of the house is the side that faces the ocean, my room was top floor, very right. So each morning, the ocean was my wakeup sight! Also a shot of my bedroom, the living room where we really lived--HA! The pool area was gorgeous, but of course unused by us this week. It is a wonderful home and we're so grateful that we had the use of it for a week--thanks to Mr and Mrs Golden!!! Photobucket

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