Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doing my part for the Economy!

I treated myself in a major way. After discussing what was out there with my friend I've never met, Sonya (she lives in the little box in front of me, with lots of other Momma's of 3 year olds that I am thrilled to call my friends), this is what I decided on. Of course, a hint of buyers remorse set in and I had to run out to my IL's to get Grandpa's opinion. Suffice to say, he approved and is willing to teach me all sorts of neat tricks for my new toy =) We took a trip to the zoo today and after this post loads, I'm off to do an entry with those pics!

Oh, BTW, Sonya IS a real person--her darling boys have graced the fridge, you don't get anymore real than that =)


SingingClayPearl said...

Is that an XTi? That's the kind I have! Aren't SLR's great? I've never taken better pictures, and I don't even really know how to use it! I can't wait until this summer when I can really learn how to use it and take full advantage of the three lenses I have. You've got to have a nice camera like this with kids in the house, I've decided. Otherwise they move too fast to take a decent picture!!

Colleen said...

It's a rebel X-something--I do love it! We did a zoo trip yesterday and the pics are incredible! I'll post those soon--technical difficulties last night! I can't wait to learn some new tricks =)

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