Friday, March 6, 2009

Our First Campus Trip of the Year...

FINALLY, a day nice enough to take a walk! Wisconsinites have been waiting for this day, and today was it. The boys and I headed out and of course, for them a walk means heading over to campus for some tearing around and swinging in to see Daddy at his office. Beckett checked out Karrmann Library, Paxton beat his brother down the steps of one of the academic buildings and they both had a ball at Kurt's office. Paxton REALLY enjoyed turning on the interview camera when I was sitting in range and waiting for me to discover that he had done it. You'll thank me that no photos exsist of THAT!!

1 comment:

Gemma said...

I am glad you were finally able to get out for a walk - bring on the warmer weather huh?!! :O)

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