Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Girls and a Beckett....

Today Beckett and I met up with two little girls from our "board". Those of you who know me in real life have undoubtedly heard me say at one time or another "one of the girls from tag" or "a Momma on Beckett's board". These are a group of little ones all born in October of 2005 and their Mommy's. Beckett and Sofia have spent quality time together in the past, but we got to meet Elly (and her parents) for the first time today!

The little girls had a blast from the get go--little chatterboxes! Beckett was slower to join in, which mostly consisted of him running circles around the place while the girls sat nicely! Once we plopped him on a wooden ledge, he was all but trapped and we sandwiched him between the girls and got some snaps. From left to right: Elly, Beckett and Sofia.


Brooke said...

How cute! He was a lucky boy today w/ those pretty little girls sitting next to him!

Gemma said...

How lovely that you got to meet up together like that, looks like you had a lovely time. I had no idea that was Elly - I blame Kerri for not posting recent pictures lol, Elly's hair is soooo long now :) Great pics!

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