Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Clearance STEAL!

This headphone set normally runs about $20, depending on where you're looking, it might even be tagged a little higher (or a smidge lower). Today when I was out (not very successfully)) shopping for B-day gifts, I came across TWO of these in the clearance aisle for $5 each! They promptly went in the cart =)
Kurt should LOVE me for this purchase, because the boys quickly discovered that by using the little splitter that came with them and popping that into the front of the TV, they and they alone can enjoy the voice of Spongebob and all of his undersea buddies without anyone else "getting" to hear!


Ashley said...

Hi! So sorry about that...I added the email address on the recipe blog!

Thanks so much!

Michelle said...

Great find! I love a bargain! Thanks for linking to A Little Tipsy!

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