Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dairy Days 2009

First of all, I hate fairs. Yup, said it. I think they are overpriced, a great way to pick up something undesirable along the lines of headlice and the society of people that seem to swarm to these events tends to make me a judgemental person regarding their parenting abilities. But, to be fair, (no pun intended) some people make it REALLY easy. Um, barefoot kids running around? Doing your best not to drop cigerette ashes on the money you're handing over to your kid? Parking your babies stroller in the shade while you sit at the edge of the beer tent and enjoy a cold one? Those are some of my mild examples. Sorry, got off track.
Anyway, last night Parker wanted to go up to the park to meet some friends and since leaving the little boys home alone in order to do that would put me in the same class as some of my above examples, they went along for the ride. Well, a midway all lit up at night was bound to attract the attention of a certain 6 and 3 year old who were dutifully strapped into their carseats. Kurt and I decided that we could give it a try.
We spent a couple of hours watching the boys do every age-appropriate ride that was there and when it was getting close to the time that Kurt was going to have to get ready for work, I was even willing to stay there alone so they could continue to enjoy the experience. But, they were ready to come home as well--and I didn't even do a big ol' obnoxiously obvious happy dance about that!

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