Friday, November 12, 2010

Show Us Your life--Home Tour Bathrooms

The home tours are continued again, hosted by complete with lots of links to other bloggers. There was a week where guest rooms were the focus, but with 4 kids, there IS no guest room--HA!

So we are onto bathrooms. We have 2 here, one up and one down. They still carry traces of their 1940's post-war era design elements--some I can live with, some not so much!! The "tile" seems to be original (in quotes b/c it is a plastic-type of material, not at all what you think when someone says TILE). I recently painted the previous PINK wall tiles in the upstairs bath, along with the FUGLY wooden sink cabinetry that is currently there. I have to say it is a HUGE improvement, and I shouldn't have waited so long. You may notice bare bulbs in this bathroom--I need new light fixtures to flank the original medicine cabinet (there is a slot inside labeled "razor blades"!) so rather than put up the ugly ones after painting, they are bare. Both bathrooms have glass shower doors which I HATE, so they are covered with white cotton shower curtains.

Downstairs the room probably started as a powder room and at some point a stand-up shower stall was added, borrowing some room from the den next door. A couple of years ago my talented Dad took out the vinyl linoleum and laid white tile and replaced the FUGLY wooden sink cabinet with the pedestal sink that is more in line with what was most likely there to begin with. The "tile" here is yellow and now that I know how easy it is to change the look, I think this will be a summer project for me!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the circle candle decor on your wall! I've wanted one for my upstairs bath. Thanks for stopping by my blog. About the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game a few weeks ago......zippit!! (And I mean that in the friendliest way possible) lol.

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