Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Not that I'M headed back to school this Fall (yay!), but when the BTS coupon from Maurices arrived in the mail, I thought I'd at least take a look in our local store. I found jeans that I liked, kind of pricey, but I thought if I tried them on and liked them, I could talk myself into them at 20% off.
WELL, tried them on, liked them, went to purchase them. The tag said they were $77.98 (no WAY would I pay that!), BUT they rang up at $9.95!! Then take off the 20% and all of a sudden they were down to $7.98!!! And yes, we (the clerk and I) looked around to see any more were going to ring up that way. No dice, but I was DANGED happy with my bargain =)


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