Saturday, August 6, 2011


You've seen the ads: Red Robin!!! (pause) Yummmmmm! Yeah, in the words of this reviewer, not so much.
This weekend is tax-free shopping in Iowa (note, not MY state), so Parker and I went to finish back-to-school shopping for him this morning. We found some great deals too between the sales, lack of tax and coupons!
Well, shopping can take a lot out of you, even non-monetarily, and I was with a growing teenage boy. Clearly, sustinance was required to keep us going. It was my idea to try Red Robin, I admit it. When we got close we noticed that Buffalo Wild Wings was right next door, so I gave Parker the choice. Neither of us had been to either place, so he chose RR.
At best, the meal was mediocre (strike one occurred right away as they serve Coke products!) but the best was yet to come with the $34 bill that was slid to me at the end. $34 for LUNCH for TWO people. One of whom drank water! We did split a $5 dessert, I readily admit to that, but even still. To put it in perspective, on Wednesday evening when FOUR of us ate out at Olive Garden, the tab there was $38. And that food was GOOD!
Long story short, I will not be seeking out Red Robin when the signs of hunger are approaching....


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