Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Good Mommy Moment

Baking cookies! EVERY family makes Holiday cookies, right? Well, I confess that I have not made Xmas cookes since before Kurt and I were married (and I'm told our 7 year anniversary is this month). But I had a moment and decided that we would do cookies. Yesterday I bought what I knew I'd need, swung by my MIL's for a few cutters and today we began. Beckett was into it for about 45 seconds. Paxton lasted a little longer, but in the end it was Parker doing the rolling and cutting while I manned the oven and cooling rack. Arielle will find out when she gets home that she gets to help with frosting.

And NOW I remember what a PITB cut-out cookies are! **notice the bit of flour on Paxton's nose** =)

1 comment:

Tinkerbellarella said...

That's great, you can send some over to me when I finish the diet lol! Your boys are so cute :)

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