Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trimming the tree

So the tradition here is that the weekend after Thanksgiving we put the tree up. It consists of Kurt assembling the tree (artificial all the way, baby! We did real for a few years, since Kurt wanted one, but he saw the light eventually) while I wrapped gifts. Guess which one was more interesting to watch for the boys? Kurt was thrilled.

I didn't get to hang many ornaments since it was a full-time job for me to find non-fragile ones for Beckett to hang. He said at least 40 times "Ooops! I dropped it!" Which really didn't need the announcement because on the hardwood floors, we could figure it out for ourselves. Beckett was partial to about 3 branches so as soon as he turned to come to me for another one, Kurt spread them out a bit. Paxton had a blast doing the ones he did and I don't think he dropped one!

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