Friday, December 5, 2008

We interrupt this blog...

to explain about the new "feature" at the top of the blog. There is now an ad that appears on the upper left corner of my blog. Every time you click on the ad (which will take you to another page, which you can "X" right back out of) it puts a few cents into an account with my name on it. Google pays me to advertise on my blog--how interesting is that?!
But that's not all! (this is the part of "those" commercials where Paxton says "but wait! you're going to get something for free!), my friends blogs whom I follow also have some ads, if you quick link to their blogs and hit the ad, they get a few cents too.
OK, don't hate me for explaining! The boys and I are going to bake cookies tomorrow so there'll be REAL blogging entries coming!

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