Saturday, December 13, 2008


Friday night the little boys went to see Santa!!! Every year he arrives at the Fire Department via a bright red engine to listen to what the boys and girls of FD members would like for him to bring. This was the first year that Paxton was actually EAGER to see him. He shook his hand when he got there and gave him a high five on the way out. They waited in line kind of patiently--Paxton was so excited and Beckett was, well, Beckett. Kurt kept him under control (without the used of firearm or restraint, which you can tell he was prepared with!)

Paxton sat nicely, but Beckett wasn't into it much until he saw the lovely parting gifts piled next to Santa's elf! (Apples, oranges, peanuts and candy!)

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Brooke said...

How cute!! Look at those red cheeks! Jeremy's get like that too :).

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