Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa found us =)

Not that I was too worried! Paxton came downstairs first to verify and saw stuffed stockings and lots of colorful packages and came back upstairs to spread the word! Beckett got a slow start (as evidenced by the shot of him on Kurt's shoulder), but eventually he got into groove and enjoyed it as much as everyone else. The big kids got new cell phones and iPods along with other goodies, Paxton added to his version of the Island of Sodor with some new Thomas playsets and Beckett got a wooden farm set and his own LeapFrog gaming system so that he can quit laying claim to Paxtons. Kurt and I were not forgotten either, but honestly we enjoy seeing the response of the kids as they peel back paper and dig into stockings.

1 comment:

Tinkerbellarella said...

Sounds like Santa was very kind this year :) I love the pic of all the stockings in front of the fireplace, it looks very festive :)

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