Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Annual Fire Department Picnic

Once again the yearly picnic has come and gone that the fire department holds for its members and families. Now it seems like the rest of the summer FLIES by! Quite frankly I was on the side of thinking it was not going to happen since it POURED--as in INCHES--of rain the morning of the picnic. It cleared off enough for us to head to the park, but there was plenty of standing water there. Some of the kiddie games didn't happen and rides on the fire trucks were scrapped (which is one of the boys favorite parts =( but dinner was nice and they did each play a game and came away with a prize so they were happy chappies!
It DID end up being VERY hot (like 90's) much later in the afternoon, but we were back home in the A/C long before that happened, HA!


1 comment:

Brimful Curiosities said...

Too bad about the fire trucks rides. My little guy would love that part, too.

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