Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Goodwill Project....

So ever since I started Parker's bedroom re-do about a year ago, I knew I wanted to hang a set of clubs on one of the bigger walls in his room. I've been keeping an eye out and finally: SCORE!!!! I spotted a complete set of 11 clubs in a nasty ol' bag (which went straight into the trash) for-----$5.99!!!
Of course, in my mind I never got to the part on how I was going to hang them!! I went to Menard's and ran into my Dad--how funny is that?! He directed me to the 3M command hook section and I found exactly what I thought would work. After spending $21 in hooks (anyone see the humor in that?! Yeah, didn't think so-HA!), Parker helped me measure out the distances we needed for placement, helped me hang the hooks and then he got the clubs up in the proper order and I painted the white parts to match the walls.
I think we may have started a TOUCH high, but we're still loving them as they are =)


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