Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bay Beach Amusement Park

For our final day in Green Bay, we went to Bay Beach Amusement Park right on the water. The big kids would have been bored after about 45 minutes, but it was perfect for the little boys.
The tickets are $.25 each and each ride takes one or two tickets to ride. Our $20 worth of tickets lasted for our 8 hours there and we even had a handful left over, HA! Paxton was more adventurous than I thought he might be--I was so impressed!! They loved the train, ferris wheel and merry-go-round. Paxton enjoyed the swings far more than Kurt did, LOL! We had heard great things about this park before we went and are so happy that we checked it out =)


1 comment:

Nic said...

I love Lil'mans toothless grin!

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