Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Board and Batten Project--up and running!!

I love me the look of board and batten walls--they are ALL over blogland and seem so easy to tackle. With Arielle giving apartment living a try and vacating her room, this was the perfect opportunity to knock off this project. Paxton will be moving into this room, leaving Beckett in the one they've shared since Beckett was born (more or less--he did room in with us for the first several weeks!)
I had white on the bottom and chocolate on top in my head and then we were able to find bedding that will make this work!! I took these after calling it quits last night, but since then I have finished hanging the boards and all of the white has at least its first coat of paint. The chocolate needs to go on one more wall--it's covering nicely so a second coat will be easy peasy, if it is needed at all!
Paxton is loving it--as am I =)


1 comment:

tiff snedaker said...

You did a great job, so pretty!

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