Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolutions, ca 2011

Well, looking back at the resolutions I made last year, I didn't do too bad!!! Some of them seem like I've been doing them forever, which I guess is the way it's supposed to be, right?! So in the interest of self-improvement for the new year, this is my list--nothing too taxing though, HA!!
*Graduate from nursing school!!!!! This was/is a 5 year project and I fully plan to call it done in May!
*Leave more comments on blogs. I lurve to blog-hop and I KNOW bloggers love comments--I should be doing my part =)
*Keep on top of my checkbook register. Sad to say that I can be 2-3 paycheck deposits behind at times. Everything is ENTERED there, my running balance is usually not caught up. I think the best way to accomplish this is to not buy anything, but this darn family has grown accustomed to eating and heat and frivolities like that.
*Make one room RFC (ready for company) each night b/4 bed. Maybe that way housecleaning won't seem so daunting! Tonight it was our bedroom, BTW!
*Be better at sending out cards!!! I love to make them, love to send them too. At the beginning of the year I'm usually pretty good, but by October I've turned into a slacker. I should just sit down one weekend and get the whole years worth addressed and ready to go.
*More decluttering. I did a fair job last year---lots of trips to the Thrift store, consignment and my other delivery places, but ruthless is my new mantra. If we moved, would I look forward to unpacking it in the new house? Do I really like the way these jeans fit? Would I be embarrassed if I was in an accident and the ER saw me wearing these undies? (hey! think about it!) Yup, that kind of ruthlessness, baby!!
I think that's a nice start on self-improvement--gotta pace myself =)


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