Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our patient wait-er

Back when the little boys got their separate rooms this Fall, Paxton got a new nightstand and dresser, Beckett did not =( He's been waiting so patiently and asking occasionally in an ever so sweet voice "have you gotten me a table yet"? Not that it's anything to write home about, but I grabbed a "some assembly required" piece of veneered-pressboard el cheapo nightstand to make him one happy little camper. He has spent a great deal of time choosing with great care what important belongings get to reside in the dark corners of the drawer and which books/DVD's will occupy the not-one-but-TWO shelves under that drawer. He has rearranged the lamp and clock countless times (although the combinations are not countless--HA!)
He was ready for bed by 5pm on assembly day, however his 5 year old little butt did not remain in bed at that hour =)


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