Thursday, January 13, 2011

Truthful Thursday

I did a few of these last year to help myself stay accountable to my new years resolutions--I think it worked to keep me on track so I'm bringing 'er back for 2011 =)
* Having one room RFC each night: I'm doing surprisingly well with this one!!! Tonight I even steam-mopped all of the upstairs floors except Parker's room--he needs to do some picking up--HA! When I told a co-worker of this little gem, she incorporated it at her own house. Of course, this now means I need to hide whenever I see her husband approach...
* Commenting on blogs more. Trying to average one comment a day, but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet!
* The continuation of de-cluttering: Filled a bag for the Thrift Store today and tackled my "layering" baskets. These two baskets hold nothing but Christopher & Banks layering pieces: turtlenecks, tanks, sleeveless mock turtlenecks, T's--you get the idea! Far too many have not been worn in far too long! I have a BIG pile (the one on the bottom) to send to the above-mentioned coworker and a pile for eBay--that'll be a weekend project! It's been a while since I've done any listing, its work, but the rewards have usually been pretty good so I might as well try it again!


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