Thursday, February 17, 2011

And Leading Off Your News Tonight....

Chances are, if you tuned into your local newscast tonight, MY local news was the lead (or close to it) story. I live in Wisconsin (no secret). Ours was the first state in the US to grant union rights to employees more than 50 years ago. And now we are in the news again with union-related headlines.
In the November elections, I'm told the majority of voters decided that Scott Walker was the man to lead us Wisconsinites (although I've yet to meet anyone who admits casting a vote for him). All along his campaign "promises" were about cutting big government and keeping "big brother" out of your business. Well, his first order of business is to take away the collective bargaining rights that are currently afforded to all State employees. My husband is a State employee--this affects us. The teachers that educate my children are State employees--this affects us. Prison Guards? Nurses? Firefighters? Yes, yes, yes. It is the topic of conversation everywhere you go. Entire school districts are having to cancel classes because the teachers are calling in sick.
For the moment, the final vote is stalled because all elected Democrats (and a couple of Republicans) are refusing to attend the session, which leaves them without a quorum. Juvenile? Maybe, but this whole announcement came less than a week ago---there needs to be time to process what it is this ONE man has decided is right for all of Wisconsin.
Sorry to get all political--not usually my style, I know! It's kind of big news though folks =) I promise that I'll be back to my "regular" blogging tomorrow. In the meantime, I've attached a couple of pictures from the Capitol building---25,000 protesters were there today....


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